Press (equipment)

1 Heidelberg Speedmaster 52-5 colour with inline coater, CP-2000, auto plate, maximum paper size: 520 mm x 360 mm (min 60 grams – 350 grams) maximum image size: 510 mm x 350 mm

3 Heidelberg Speedmasters CD 102-5 colour with in line coater, CP2000, auto plate, maximum paper size: 1040 mm x 730 mm (min 60 grams – 1 mm thick) maximum image size: 1020 mm x 700 mm

1 Heidelberg Image Control, spectral quality device

Our printing presses are digitally linked up with our Prepress (department) and Image control in one network, which allows presses to retrieve digital information and results in a more accurate and efficient ready-time. We are also able to store specific order information and related press-settings on a  central server, which can be used in the case of reprints.