A flat screen can create millions of colours and displays wonderful images by ‘mixing’ the red, green and blue dots of light [RGB]. A printing press is able to create all colours by mixing cyan, magenta and yellow except for black. A combination of 100% cyan, magenta and yellow inks results in a muddy dark brown colour that does not quite appear black. The solution (key) for this problem is to add black which explains the K [Key] in the often used abbreviation CMYK. The CMYK colours used for a full colour print are always the same, nevertheless the type of ink used is not always the same. To achieve optimal printing results we make sure that the ink used matches different qualities of paper. This is to optimize colour intensity but also the rub resistance in order to avoid quality problems. There are vegetable oil based inks as well as mineral oil based inks. According to our colour management system, both types achieve the same end result.